Vegetable Juices

Carrot Top…

So named because of the golden-orange foam that forms on top of this dark green vegetable juice. If there is a vegetable juice that is a must, this one is it. You can add an apple if you like in order to tamp down the stronger flavors, but over time you will come to love this as it is!

125ml Spinach Juice (approx. 2 handfuls)
375ml Carrot Juice (approx. 4 large carrots)

How to make it:
Clean and tip both ends of the carrots. Wad the Spinach up into a ball before shoving it into the feed tube of your juicer. I actually pre-load the feed tube first with the spinach before turning the juicer on.

Yield: 500ml (1 Pint+)


The Green Standard…

Spinach Juice 125ml (a good handful)
Cucumber Juice 125ml (one whole med. Cucumber)
Celery Juice 100ml (2-3 stalks)
Apple Juice 125ml (1-2 apples, your choice)
Lemon Juice 15ml (with rind)
Ginger Juice 15ml (approx. 1″ knob)

This one does it all. It’s brilliant emerald color reveals its power to reconstruct and rejuvenate you at the cellular level. You will come to this one often.

How to make it:

Wad up a bulky handful of spinach into a tight ball so it takes a little effort to stuff it into the feed tube of your juicer. Turn on your juicer and push the spinach through. Do the same for the rest of the produce. I️ push the ginger and lemon through with one of apples. Stir and pour. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds if you like.

Yield:  500ml (1 pint+)


Beet Me…

Beet Juice 125ml
Granny Smith Apple Juice 375ml