In a recent life, I considered myself an amateur charcutier. For those that don’t know what that means, I made salumi and other dry-cured meats. My love of the hog knew no bounds and it became an obsession, really. Bacon, Coppa, Pancetta and Guanciale are a few of things that I took pride in making. I built a curing chamber to control the temperature and humidity. I bought a sausage stuffer, vacuum sealer, scales, meat slicer, brining buckets and dedicated a room in the basement affectionately called “the meat lab.” I read voraciously, studied, experimented, sought out out experts and became adept at making complicated food. I made, photographed, ate, and shared it. All of that changed in May of 2017. I attended a whole hog butchering class one day and ordered my first juicer the next. Now, I don’t care if anyone eats meat, profits from meat, or feels like a plant-based lifestyle isn’t for them. I just don’t. I am definitely not a Vegan, at least not in the sense that I will come to your place of business and be an asshole because I don’t agree with you. I take issue with some of the food produced and called Vegan. If it dpYou, are on your own and you might as well get used to the idea.

And if you ask for my opinion on why moving to a plant-based diet is a better option and I will be the first to tell you.

As a Libertarian, your freedom to be you includes my freedom to be from you (h/t Andrew Wilkow). I have chosen to be free from animal-based food products and I am reaping the personal health benefits of this shift in my food life. You can make the same choice, but it’s up to you and no one else. You. Me. The individual, have sole responsibility for the decisions we make and that goes for every facet of yours and my life. Inside of all of that are the decisions we make every day in how we feed our bodies and your appearance is a direct reflection of those food choices.

The Meat Lab